Main activities of SITION

SITION isfocusing on WEB CREATIVE activities, further research and information dissemination, Web creativity, and business development focusing on the selection and utilization of new economic zones and various platforms that correctly use next-generation technologies centered on WEB3 + blockchain. , and investing.

  1. WEB production
    Development and operation of web creatives and web businesses. Website development using WordPrss and HTML5. Graphics and identity design. Production of DTP, video and music. Online marketing.
  2. SITION Lab
    WEB3+Blockchain research and information dissemination. Introducing new technologies, software and platforms through open source. Development and operation of WEB3 business and distributed applications. Pursuit and research of online identity and privacy. Pursuit and research of Internet safety and security. Research and utilization of crypto asset handling methods and investment/market. Economic activities based on privacy and autonomous freedom.
  3. Solution & Consulting
    Proposal and problem solving for social/economic activities and business using WEB CREATIVE in general and WEB3+Block Chain as a platform. Introduction and optimization of projects by WEB3+ blockchain. Introduction of smart contract. Providing and proposing new business ideas.
  4. SITION Accommodation/Event
    People, work and technology exchange events. Development and management of places such as guest houses and working spaces. Event planning.