SITION Lab = WEB Creative


Welcome to SITION. rnSITION is a web creative team. WEB design, program. We are engaged in all kinds of WEB creative activities such as software development/installation, operation support, SEO/WEB marketing.

SITION Lab = WEB Creative, Consultation

SITION STAKE POOL : "SIPO" Cardano staking Pool will open August 2020

SITION provide Cardano ADA’s staking pool with stable operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from Japan to Asia, the world wide and also provide high rewards at economical prices.


Go to Internet 2. Next Generation Digital Economic Zone Brought by WEB3 + DLT

The history of cryptocurrency is that since Bitcoin was first born on January 3, 2009, Bitcoin/BTC has been the core currency of cryptocurrency and functions as the foundation layer as a distributed ledger system. It is the 11th largest currency in the world, especially as a store of value that changes to gold. rnrn It seems that the expansion of multi-layer as a blockchain system is also starting to build new economic zones such as token economy and data economy that are not limited to currencies. rnrn In addition to BTC, many cryptocurrencies and DLT projects were born, and while repeated selection, the network construction of cryptocurrencies has begun. rnrn This network is expected to grow into a more decentralized and universal network, with BTC as the base layer, through the birth and selection of various networks through interoperability called interoperability.

Portfolio of SITION Creative

SITION provide WEB creative services. WordPrss and HTML5 website development, graphics and identity design, DTP/video/music production, online marketing.


SITION mainly sends information about WEB3+BLOCKCHAIN.

Main activity

SITION provides companies/organizations with project website development, WEB creative services for digital design, and SEO/WEB marketing assistance.
WEB3+Blockchain research and information dissemination. Mining and staking of crypto assets
SITION Consultation &Solution
WEB CREATIVE in general, software installation
SITION Place & Event
Person-work/technology exchange event

We basicaly focus on WEB CREATIVE activities, we will also incorporate next-generation technologies such as WEB3 + blockchain, and work as a team to select and utilize new economic zones and various platforms, research and information transmission, business development, etc.

Effective management

About Us

At SITION, we would like to learn about future business models with a view to a new economic zone, and to plan meetings and exchange information with various people. rnrn In addition, we are aiming to create a system that enables activities on a project basis, regardless of location or organization.