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Currently, we have a base in Tokyo Bangkok. Based on the experience of WEB business and digital design, we will work on the theme of “exchange of information and value”, “exchange of human resources” and “wide area logistics” with a view to the new economic sphere brought by WEB3 + blockchain. "Exchange of information and value" We will invest in economic areas and platforms brought about by new technologies such as WEB3 + Blockchain, and research and develop business. "Human resource exchange" We will invest in guesthouses and workspaces as exchange centers for people, with a view to entering new economic activities in the future. ''Wide area logistics '' Research and development of logistics activities based on the EPA Economic Partnership Agreement (Thailand and Japan) using e-commerce.


「情報・価値の交換」 WEB3+Blockchainなどの新しい技術がもたらす経済圏、プラットフォームへの投資およびビジネスの研究・開発を行ないます。 「人材交流」 未来の新しい経済圏活動への参入を念頭に、人の交流拠点としてのゲストハウスやワークスペースへの投資を行います。 「広域物流」 Eコマースを活用した、EPA経済連携協定ベース(タイと日本)の物流活動の研究とビジネスの開発。
SITION CEO & WEB Creator, Consultant, Business Developper
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